Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Misc Characters and Stuff

Spunky Kitten in the costume of Dinosaur Larry.

Bartender Sal and Spunky's agent Mal

Spunky Kitten as a kitten and his co-star and nemesis Slobber the Bulldog

Woolie in various outfits depending on where he is.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Superstar's Bios

Spunky Kitten is a former child star that grew up...and as he grew he lost the cuteness that made him a big star in the 1st place. But don't tell SK that! In his mind he still has what the public wants...they just don't know it! Spunky thinks he can regain his place as a Saturday morning cartoon icon. Does anyone remember "Spunky Kitten's Saturday Morning Litterbox of Fun Cartoon Hour". He does and he's sure that he can rekindle the magic inside of him that made him a superstar in the 1st place...only now its under several layers of fat , cynicism and cat hair. Spunky's well versed in all forms of 2D animation, he's done Anime, limited frame, squiggle-vision, eastern European avant garde, and the rest. His only caveat is that he won't work with penguins...something about flightless birds that freaks him out.

Bennie, aka Buccaneer Burger, spokesman for the Buccaneer Burger chain, loves his life. He has been a shill for the Big Buc Burger, Swabby Soda and 1st Mate Fries for a long time. Bennie is not ashamed that he is burger pays the bills. His job requires him to show up, cut a ribbon, say "aaarggh me buckos!" a few times and sail off into the sunset, on the whole not a bad gig. And with fame comes chicks, and old Bennie considers himself quite the lady's man. Chicks dig a man in uniform, or in Bennie's case a man in a pirate hat, eyepatch and wooden leg. Bennie once considered a career as an Olympic speed skater, but plans were derailed when he lost his leg in a freakish bowling accident.

Woolie is a sock puppet who once hosted a kid's show on PBS station WWTF in the 50's. He was stuck with a very limited budget but in spite of that, his show lasted 12 back then didn't expect too much. In a stroke of good luck Woolie invested in synthetic fibers and he saw his small income now augmented by a huge return on his investments. Woolie considers himself a self made sock. He eventually left the fast paced world of educational TV and retired. Unlike Spunky he doesn't miss the grind of putting a TV show togther, he's very happy to be out of the limelight. Woolie has a problem keeping his eyes attached, and has an extensive collection of buttons in case he loses one. Woolie has a twin brother.

Superstars and Background Concept Art